Birgit Vanderhaeghen


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Work fields:
Individual psychotherapy with adolescents and adults

Work method:
During the first consultation, we try to clarify your specific problem(s). Then we explore which kind of therapy is suited best for you. This means, which approach you feel most comfortable with. Different ways of working are possible. If you are stuck in your life at this moment because of a difficult life-event, the sessions will focus on support. Often, support alone isn't enough. It's possible that you are stuck in situations and mechanisms which repeat themselves. Therapy can help you see how these mechanisms work and how you can prevent that they happen again.

Works with:
adolescents and adults

MA Psychology option adults
MA Psychology option neuropsychology
Post Academic degree Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy
Training in coaching techniques

Belgian Federation of Psychologists
Flemish Association of Clinical Psychologists

Officially recognized by the Belgian Commission of Psychologists (affiliation number: 852108498)