Psycho-educational assessment

The Psycho-educational assessment uses standardiszd tests, check lists, questionnaires and direct observation to identify areas of strength and weakness in children’s cognitive abilities and learning skills, providing a deep understanding of their needs.

Psycho-eduactional assessment is recommended when constant challenges recur in school or in the social life of a child.

The final aim of the evaluation is  to help the child to reach his/ her potential implementing personalized educational intervention.

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Intelligence testing

Supported by the direct observation of the child’s behavior and the administration of parents’ questionnaires, the WISC-IV, can be used as a part of a more comprehensive psycho-educational assessment in order to identify learning difficulties, strengths and weaknesses in the cognitive functioning.

The WISC-IV scale is, for this reason, widely used in school settings.

In fact, the Scale identifies cognitive deficits that could be the explanation of a poor academic performance.

In this case the final aim of the evaluation is to provide a detailed profile of the learning skills in order to design an individual learning plan that could facilitate the academic work.



In our center the WISC-IV Intelligence Scale for Children is available in English and Italian. 

The Scale assesses the cognitive abilities of children aged between 6 years and 0 months and 16 years and 11 months.