Psygroup, international joint practice of psychologists in Brussels

Coronavirus: Our practice remains open and our services remain assured, in compliance with the measures recommended by the government and our professional association.
Advice and behavior change

Update April 28th

Our guideline for physical consultations

Temporary practical agreements physical consultations Psygroup

Update March 18th

Telephone and online consultations
please contact one of the team members in case you want to use this service.

All clinical psychologists working at psygroup hold a master's degree in psychology and are recognized by the Commission of psychologists. They have a long-term post-academic specialization in psychotherapy. A major concern of every psychologist is to find an adequate response to your request for help.

The strength of our team lies in the heterogeneity of cultures, personalities, approaches and beliefs. This allows us to offer a variety of personal work styles and psychotherapeutic methods. Each psychologist of psygroup has a great autonomy to work according to his own approach, adapting the working method to the problem and to the person who presents himself for help.

For appointments you can contact the psychologist directly on his/her mobile telephone.

Patrick Engelhardt also works in Leefdaal

The services of Psygroup address to people who wish to enhance their life quality or diminish their psychic suffering. 

Most psychologists working at psygroup are english-speaking psychotherapists.

A new colleague, Sara Verlinden, starts in October
Feel free to contact Sara for a first appointment

Steve Savels, started in September and has some free spots
Feel free to contact Steve for a first appointment