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Time slots Brussels
Mondays from 10.00 – 21.00
Tuesdays from 10.00 – 15.00

Work fields:
Individual psychotherapy with adults
Personal Coaching

Work method: 
Works from a humanistic and ecological framework, strongly trusting ones own resources to reach the best possible solution for the own problem or to accept ones restriction. Proceeds from a understanding and supporting attitude, with respect for the convictions of the client. Uses regularly an actively structuring and confronting approach, in order to energize the client, to develop and implement own incites. Alternates between the exploration of the problem and solution-focused strategies, focusing on the process of the client. Participates actively by questioning which changes can/must take place or what must be accepted as given. Integrates homework into his work method, but does not work according to in advance set up programs.

Works with: 
works also in Leefdaal

MA Psychology option adults
Post Academic degree Client-Centered Psychotherapy 
Specialization Systems Therapy 
Certificate Emotional Intelligence

Belgian Federation of Psychologists
Flemish Association of Clinical Psychologists
Flemish Association of Client-Centered Psychotherapy
Belgian Association for Couple- and Familytherapy and Systemic Intervention
European Family Therapy Association 

Visa for admission to the practice of the profession of clinical psychologist - 263916

Officially recognised by the Belgian Commission of Psychologists (affiliation number: 641104006)