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Psygroup, history and background

The centre in Etterbeek-Brussels is an association of independent psychologists. Patrick Engelhardt took the initiative in the summer of 2001. 

The point of departure was to start an independent collaboration in which all 'psy'-services can be offered and each psychologist can work in his/her own manner.

Psygroup aims to offer independent psychologists an optimal frame to develop professionally on a high quality level. This means to foresee a pleasant accommodation, and to strive for support, respect and challenge in a horizontal team working. The long term vision is to strive for diversity. In the future, the centre can grow organically in function of the staff.

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We all learn at the school of hard knocks. People develop and grow by trial and error. The quality of life often suffers under the fact that one expects something impossible from life, namely that growth and progress is possible without the experience of failure. One thinks too quickly that there is something seriously wrong when things don’t work easily and instantly. We are convinced that everyone, taking small steps and the inevitable setbacks, could reach much more of his potential.

Psygroup is confident that people have the potential to realize projects in their lives. Helping people to realize these projects and learn to accept life with its limitations is our work field.

Vision statement psygroup – target at the highest level of psygroup

The enhancement of the quality of life in all its aspects and the decrease of psychological suffering of people, through mutual respect in the search for improving or maintaining of the professional and personal development.

Mission statement psygroup – how we think to reach our target

To offer people, within a safe physical and psychological space, an optimal mental tension, so that they can change and accept limitations.

The association strives to respect the diversity of persons, methods, cultures, contexts and human visions, and this as well internally as with respect to the clients. The above-described space can thus be filled in very differently or in various ways.

Some practical agreements

The team is composed of several psychologists-psychotherapists.  Every staff member is responsible for his/her own work.

You can make an appointment by phoning one of the staff members, on your own initiative or after referral by your doctor.

Our staff regularly meet with fellow psychologists and with psychiatrist colleagues for “intervision”, reinforcing the quality of our work. 

Duties of the psychologist

A psychologist must follow certain rules in the practice of his job. These rules are mentioned in the code of ethics of the Commission of Psychologists, more info.  This code protects the rights of clients and insures the quality of the profession. On the other hand, the psychologist can expect you to treat him with respect and stick to agreements made. All psychologists working at Psygroup are recognized by the Commission of Psychologists. They are all members of the Belgian Federation of Psychologists

Confidentiality of data

Everything said during psychotherapy is subject to the professional secrecy. Only with your explicit permission information can be shared with third parties (e.g. general practitioner).  Complete discretion is guaranteed, since we work as private psychotherapists and access to our files by third parties is impossible.

Duration of a session

An individual session lasts ± 45 minutes.
A couple session lasts ± 60 minutes.
A family session lasts ± 75 minutes.


If you cancel an appointment, the concerned psychologist must be informed at least 48 hours before the appointment on his mobile phone. Appointments not cancelled on time will be charged


At Psygroup we work with 2 prices, a standard price and a reduced basic price.

Standard price 2024

Basic price 2024

Individual 45 mins

120 €

91 €

Couples 60 mins

143 €

114 €

Family 75-90 mins

166 €

137 €

A number of health insurance providers currently offer a (limited )refund. However, there is a wide variety of conditions amongst the various insurance providers to be reimbursed.
For more information, please contact your health insurance company.

Recently a system of reimbursement for primary psychological care has started in Belgium. You can benefit from this if your clinical psychologist has concluded a cooperation agreement with a network for mental health.

Unlike for other healthcare providers (doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, etc.), this cooperation agreement has a limited capacity. It obliges the clinical psychologists to focus on short term treatment and to sign in for a minimal amount of hours.
More info and a list of 'conventioned' clinical psychologists:
For children:
For adults (scroll down for the list):

The price per individual session:

- 120 Euro in case you are eligible for a refund of at least 50% of the standard price by your health insurance/employer

- 91 Euro if there is a limited/no intervention by your health insurance