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Time slots
Mondays from 11.00 – 17.00
Wednesdays from 12.00 – 15.00
Thursdays from 16.00 -19.00
Saturdays from 10.00 – 13.00

Work fields: 
Individual psychotherapy with children, adolescents and adults
Parental Guidance
Psycho-educational assessment

Work method:
I work with children, adolescents and parents in the full respect of their personal values and parenting style.

During the first session I meet with parents in order to collect some information about their children and to establish a positive, collaborative setting.

We discuss what changes they want to see within the family or in their children and we then decide together how to take the necessary steps toward the desired future. Focusing on guiding families towards what they want, improving communication and reducing suffering, examining how to use strengths and resources to move towards a preferred future in the complete respect of their beliefs and values.

Using play, art and Solution Focus Brief Therapy (SFBT) techniques I will help with different behavioral, social and emotional issues that could prevent children to develop harmoniously.

Parental guidance is helpful especially when particularly difficult situation like separation or divorce, developmental challenges (toilet training, sleeping or eating routines, separation anxiety) and conflict with adolescents need to be addressed.

During parental guidance sessions a kind, professional support is offered to parents. It is an unique opportunity to reflect on the difficult role of educators and to face the challenges that coexist with parenthood in a safe environment and in the full respect of personal values and beliefs.

Psycho-educational assessment helps to determine whether a child or a teenager has developmental and/or learning challenges.  It also uncovers a student's strengths and weaknesses so we can develop a plan to help the child succeed in the classroom and life.

Works with: 
children from 2 years on, adolescents, adults and parents

Developmental and Educational Psychology, MA
Certified Solution Focus Brief Therapy Practitioner (IASTI Singapore)

Fédération Belge des Psychologues (pending application)
Union Professionnelle des Psychologues Cliniciens Francophones (pending application)

Officially recognized by the Belgian Commission of Psychologists (affiliation number: Number 712219308)