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Time slots
Thursdays from 10.00 -16.00

Work fields:

Individual psychotherapy with adults
Group therapy in Dutch (only in Ghent)

works also at:
Voskenslaan 36a
9000 Ghent


Background and method

After studying philosophy and psychology, I worked for a number of years as a psychologist in various Centers for Mental Health Care and since 2011 as a self-employed psychotherapist. My scope is broad, but I mainly gained experience with clients with burnout, depression and anxiety, relational difficulties, trauma and loss, low self-esteem, chronic diseases, difficulty connecting with feelings and existential questions.

My basic framework as a psychotherapist is person-centered, but I also use techniques from other psychotherapeutic frameworks, depending on what the process needs. My approach can be described as experiential (experience-oriented), interactional and existential.

You can contact me in Psygroup for individual psychotherapy and supervision. I also provide group therapy in Dutch in Kairos (Ghent).


Your world of experience in all its facets and complexity forms the starting point and guideline of the conversations. I assist you in giving or finding meaning in your experiences (your feelings, physical sensations, self-image, thoughts, memories, desires, etc.) and in your interactions with others. We also consider what is difficult or unclear for you. When you are ready, we will work on the vicious circles, blockages, contradictions or painful feelings you encounter. Step by step and tailored to your needs, rhythm, capacity and situation.

I like open and sincere communication, and I always try to keep in touch with how you are doing and how you are experiencing the therapy. I also regularly respond to what is happening 'here and now' and indicate what I experience between us, if I think this might be useful to you. Any question, doubt or feedback you have is welcome.

My philosophical background and specialization in existential psychotherapy have taught me to approach difficult existential themes with an open curious mind. Many people get stuck in this: loss of meaning, loneliness, fear of death and life, despair, ambivalence and indecisiveness, responsibility and autonomy, not knowing who you are, shame, regret, injustice, etc. can deeply affect or disrupt us. Sometimes this is triggered or reinforced by personal life experiences (such as illness, trauma, loss of important people or a job, old age, relationship breakdown, your life choices, etc.) but sometimes also by existential threats present in society (climate, war, pandemic, economic crisis, racism, sexism, homophobia…).

By giving space and the right to exist to everything that lives within you or plays between you and others, and trying to look at this together, something finally starts to move or gradually comes to rest. It sounds more simple than it is. It helps if you are not alone in this.


Psychotherapists (in training or not) can contact me for person-centered supervision.

Together we investigate how you might feel stuck in your work and what it is you find challenging. But we will also focus on what is going well, how to use your strengths properly and in what direction you would like to grow as a psychotherapist. Tailored to your process and supervision needs, I will give you constructive feedback, sometimes confrontational but always respectful and with an eye for your qualities.

Your work as a therapist does not stop at the door of your consultation room. In addition to reflecting on cases, interventions and psychotherapeutic (micro) processes, supervision also provides room for broader aspects of your work as a psychotherapist, such as the impact of your specific work context, how you relate to your role as a caregiver and self-care.

I am convinced that every psychotherapist needs a professional 'safe space', a space where you can reflect on yourself - to sharpen your skills and learn about your profession, to face your blind spots, but also to catch your breath and take your needs seriously. In supervision you also learn how to become a good parent for yourself as a caregiver, with matter-of-fact self-knowledge, confidence in your abilities and firm but loving boundaries.


In addition to clinical work, I have been chair of the Flemish Association of Person-centered Psychotherapy since 2020. I am part of various intervision groups and member of a Special Interest Group on existential psychotherapy. I am supervised by a senior supervisor and have done quite some therapy work myself.

Works with:

MA Clinical psychology
MA Philosophy
Postgraduate in Client-centered Psychotherapy
Specialisation in Existential psychotherapy
Specialisation in Grouptherapy
Focusing (level 3)
Continuous professional development through conferences and short-term training courses

Flemish Association of Clinical Psychologists (VVKP)
Flemish Association of Client-centered and Experiential Psychotherapy and Counseling (VVCEPC)
Professional Association for Scientifically-based Psychotherapy (BWP)
World Association for Person Centered and Experiential Psychotherapy & Counceling (WAPCEPC)

Visum for admission to the practice of the profession of clinical psychologist - 264647
Officially recognised by the Belgian Commission of Psychologists - 772110227

Registration number Christelijke Mutualiteit (for refunding) 09873709